CABLESTELECOM indoor fiber optical cable is made by evenly applying strands of aramid yarns as the strength member over tight buffer is completed with a flame-retardant sheath.The selection of Corning fiber ensures the optical performance meeting international standards wholly.


Simplex  Cable

     Simplex cable is a single tight buffer cable available in both singlemode and multimode.These cables are optimized for ease of connectorization and used as jumpers in intrabuilding  distribution. CABLESTELECOM  offers choices of well-known brand as well assome quality economic alternatives.All cables meet industry performance specifications.The jacket colour of singlemode and multimode  cables are yellow and orange respectively.
     Customized cable jacket colours and special fiber types are available for nearly all cables below.

Ordering Information

Part Numbers Descriptions Outer Diameter Jacket Color
GFC01001 9/125μm singlemode fiber 3.0mm yellow/customized
GFC01002 9/125μm singlemode fiber 2.0mm yellow/customized
GFC01003 50/125μm multimode fiber 3.0mm orange/customized
GFC01004 62.5/125μm multimode e fiber 3.0mm orange/customized
GFC01005 50/125μm multimode  fiber 2.0mm orange/customized
GFC01006 62.5/125μm multimode  fiber 2.0mm orange/customized


For drawings, technical data or samples configuration other than stated above,please feel free to contact us.